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Executive Interviews has been appointed by FT Live as its licensing partner. We manage the copying, licensing and online display of FT Live event clips.

If you are interested in obtaining a clip for review, archive, display or distribution, or in a transcript/translation, then please complete the form below. We will get back to you right away.

Intranet, website, email and/or social media display of any FT Live clip requires compliance with FT Live’s license terms and conditions, which include payment of the license fee.

Make your news work for you - License your key executive's broadcase appearances Communicate with key audiences - Keep your targeted audiences informed with online video. Manage your reputation - Use your television appearances to increase the value of your organisation.

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Why license your FT Live clip?

If you want your appearance to reach wider target audiences, then sharing a video of your contribution after the event is a way to generate considerable extra value.

Publishing your clip on your company intranet, website, and via approved social media sites crystallises that value where it matters. It magnifies the impact of your contribution, delivering your message direct to your key target audiences, allowing them to watch whenever they want and wherever they happen to be, extending its value across time. You can even email a link direct to their Inbox. Publishing your interview online is a force-multiplier – and, with Executive Interviews, you won’t have to worry about your video being available or carrying someone else’s advert.

About Executive Interviews

Executive Interviews manages the copying, licensing and online display of FT Live’s event content.

Executive Interviews works alongside many of the world’s leading business news and event networks, providing guests with timely, professionally produced, licensed video clips to post to their intranets, websites and social media pages. We can also provide fully licensed, copyright-compliant clips for use at trade shows, investor conferences, corporate events and other uses.

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