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Executive Interviews Online Licensing System

Buy the License and Use the Story

Showcase TV footage on websites, social media, at events and internally via our rightsholder endorsed services. Make the most of independent, engaging video, quickly easily and legally.

License your story License your story
  • Executive Interviews is the licensing agent of several leading business broadcasters including Bloomberg, CNN, FBN, CCTV and Sky
  • Leverage the rightsholders brand and integrity to communicate your key message
  • Independent and engaging news pieces that drive value and trust
  • We offer a suite of services that allow you to achieve your marketing and communication goals including: Rightsholder branded fully responsive media players, digital downloads and a state-of-the-art licensing platform
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Branded Media Players

Our rightsholder branded media players are responsive to smart devices and are social media compliant with in-built share features and viewer data. All are licensed and ready to go within an hour of request.

Executive Interviews Mini Player

Mini player

Executive Interviews hosts & streams these rightsholder branded media players, which house your licensed footage, and are embeddable to your website, Facebook and Twitter pages as well as newsletters. They are easily shareable and complete with campaign analytics - simply plug and play.

Executive Interviews Multi Player

Multi player

The Multiplayer is for large media contributors to display multiple rightsholder interviews. This customisable player allows you to present interviews and news footage to your stakeholders in an organized way. The footage can come from multiple channels, is searchable and comes complete with viewer analytics.

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Licensed Video File

Within under an hour from request, you can have your licensed video file ready to be
uploaded directly to your website or intranet in the format you need.

  • Tailored to your unique needs, whether high or low quality specifications
  • Available within minutes of broadcast
  • High definition video files can be provided
  • Fully licensed and copyright compliant
  • Transcript and DVD services also available

If you are unsure about the interview and wish to review first, for many rightsholders we can supply a preview stream at no cost to you. It's therefore possible to check out the news piece or interview before you license it.

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Online Licensing System

This is a unique platform, which enables superfast review and provision
of TV footage from a range of rightsholders across the globe.

Online Licensing System by Executive Interviews
  • All broadcaster content appears in a pre-clipped format on one searchable platform within minutes of broadcast
  • It's configurable for client only content or competitor set or all interviews
  • Email distribution features allow for Pay-Per-View sharing
  • Powerful search and filter functions make managing and archiving content easy
  • You can view an interview given in Asia whilst travelling to work in New York
  • Easy and very quick to license content for internal or external display or distribution from this platform
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Benefits of Using Licensed TV Content

Licensing and using TV footage offers marketing and communications teams a powerful tool for social media, internal, website and events display / distribution. Using Executive Interviews ensures you will reduce business risk, because we always make sure you are copyright compliant.

  • home-benefits-gavel You will be copyright compliant
  • home-benefits-interview Editorial content from trusted rightsholders
  • home-benefits-thumbsup Trusted footage enhances your organisation's credibility
  • home-benefits-profits Raises profiles of key executives in your organisation
  • home-benefits-tower Communicate compellingly with target audiences
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Companies We’re Working With

With approaching 2,000 clients across all sectors and sizes of business,
Executive Interviews is well-placed to serve guests from companies
appearing on our rightsholder partners’ airtime, worldwide.


Heineken use a video wall of our media players on their newsroom page, which creates an impressive mosaic of rightsholder branded footage including CNN, RTL and Bloomberg. More »

We think Executive Interviews’ account managers are fast, on top of our latest broadcast worldwide and very professional!

Visit »

USAA is a strong showcase for our Multiplayer service with transcripts for each of the twenty or more videos on display. Tabs allow users to scroll between Bloomberg and Fox content. More »

We have been impressed at the speed and ease of doing business with Executive Interviews, their solution has provided us with an effective way to build our content.

Visit »

UBS use our Multiplayer to showcase clips of their veteran stockbroker Art Cashin with daily updates from the New York Stock Exchange displayed on their prestigious Wealth Management page. More »

Executive Interviews has been very responsive to our needs and has consistently been able to coordinate with our marketing and compliance partners in a timely and seamless fashion.

Visit »
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How Licensing Works

We help companies get TV footage up on their site quickly and easily, while also ensuring that the rightsholders copyrighted material is protected by issuing licensed, approved video on their behalf.

  • Copyright for TV footage resides with the rightsholder
  • You need to have a license to use footage, whether sharing internally or externally
  • We are sole licensing agents to the major business news broadcasters
  • We are a one stop shop specialising in copyright matters and commercial display rights from internal sharing to social media display
  • We can advise on placement, so you get maximum value from our services and from the license
If you have any questions regarding our products and services we are here to help
so please drop us a line at one of our regional offices »

Rightsholder Partners

Executive Interviews represents the finest broadcasters in the business news sector. We are the only third-party partner that can supply both licensing and video on behalf of the world's biggest business news channels.


As well as partnerships, we also work with rightsholders on an ad hoc basis.
Chances are if you have a need with a particular rightsholder, we will be able to resolve it for you.

More rightsholders we work with »
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