The Online Licensing System

The Online Licensing System (OLS) is a research, distribution and licensed display platform containing business content from the world’s key daily business news programming – including excerpts from Bloomberg and Fox Business News (FBN), among many others.

The OLS clip archive goes back to 2013 and is focused on interviews and commentaries from the world’s most insightful investors and business leaders.  If you want to know who’s saying what, or which of your people said what about something when, then our platform is the place to come.  The OLS offers a choice of interfaces to suit different users, different needs and different uses. Even the scope of content can be customized.

Our platform can be viewed as offering three tiers of value to subscribers;

  1. Find out who said what, when, on channels featured on our platform since March 2013, using our powerful search and filter tools. Quick Find.
  2. License broadcaster content for display via your website, intranet or social media platforms, seamlessly and on demand. Quick Display.
  3. Distribute selected clips via our unique email distribution system that allows users to syndicate clips on ‘fair use’, ‘limited view’ and ‘pay-per-view’ bases. Quick Distribute.

Our platform records daily business news programming worldwide and selects valuable excerpts from this for private review, licensed display and distribution.  This content amounts to more than 300 key commentaries by the world’s most insightful business experts, uploaded to the platform every day. Excerpts typically appear on the platform within an hour of broadcast.

Quick Find

Information is key.  Finding the information that is relevant to you makes that content useful and, through the OLS, you can use it legitimately for your own business purposes.  Imagine having all of the world’s business and financial news interviews and commentaries in one place for you – easily searchable, without advertising getting in the way…Well, subscribing to our platform offers you pretty much just that.

Our powerful search engines and filters allow you to hunt down the content you want by spoken word, person, company, business sector, region or channel (among other things).  This way, you can get the information you need right away.  It’s all at your fingertips.

An up-to-date archive of approximately 250,000 clips from the world’s leading opinion-formers, appearing on the world’s most trusted news sources, is waiting to be searched by you. And the archive is growing every day – with today’s news, now.  If you want to know what JP Morgan thought of Facebook’s IPO in 2013, or what Jack Ma thought of Alibaba’s IPO in 2014, or what either of them is saying today, just search and play.  If your business clients, or colleagues, need to know – then use Pay Share to inform them. Or get them to subscribe to the platform, too. Or display the licensed clip online.

Quick Display

Selected clips can be privately reviewed by you and – if your decision-makers approve them for commercial use – can be prepared for licensed display on your Intranet, Website or Social Media channels within 30 minutes. A choice of media players is available for display.

Executive Interviews Online Licensing System   Executive Interviews Online Licensing System

Quick Distribute

The ability to find a review clip quickly – and then email a link to relevant colleagues, clients or decision-makers – is a crucial tool for modern businesses. Depending on the OLS interface you choose, our platform facilitates, as applicable:

  • Free sharing, including:
    • ‘fair use’ link distribution, where appropriate (restricted to 32 days in the US)
    • sharing ‘limited views’ links with non-subscribers to the platform (essentially, for decision-making purposes)
    • distribution of links between subscribers at no cost per view, respecting the copyright-restricted archive content permitted by rights-holders (once the 32-day ‘fair use’ exemption has expired)
  • ‘Pay-per-view’ sharing (‘Pay Share’):
    • authorized account-holders may email non-subscribers with links to copyright-restricted content archived on our platform – meaning you can email these links to anyone, anywhere, whether inside your company or out.

This is best practice for sharing content protected under copyright legislation.  It is fully compliant and, where appropriate, authorized by rights-holders.

OLS content features the world’s most insightful business experts anywhere. This ability to distribute key clips – to colleagues, clients, and decision-makers – that are relevant to their business needs, offers you a massive opportunity to improve your communication with all your key audiences everywhere.


Purpose and Scope

We are not media monitors.  In essence, we are not here to answer the question, ‘Was I on television?’  We are here to answer a different question, ‘What can I do with it when I find I was?’  There is no service similar to the OLS.  Nothing that provides anything like such scope or searchability – AND enables professional, copyright-compliant review, distribution and licensed display. All at your fingertips.

Our unique platform, the OLS, offers subscribers of different types everything they need to get the most possible value out of the content available to use.  The OLS enables your key audiences to get the most out of it, too.  At the same time, the OLS is designed to offer fair remuneration to those brilliant people who created the content you value, and to the rights-holders who invested in it and own it.  Everyone wins.