Licensing your content

There is a big difference between Executive Interviews and the multitude of media monitoring agencies out there. They answer the question: ‘Was I on television?’ Executive Interviews answers the question: ‘What can I do with the clip when I know I was?’

Executive Interviews is the only company granted contractual and explicit permission to supply both the video and licenses to guests who have appeared on our broadcast partners’ air. We work directly with the broadcasters to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed their standards for video quality and editorial content.

Executive Interviews’ interests lie in helping companies get their television interview up on their site quickly and legally, while also ensuring that the broadcasters’ copyrighted material is protected by issuing licensed, approved video on their behalf.

In order to post a broadcast video to your website, Intranet, or use in an offline manner (trade show, investor conference, shareholder meeting, etc.), you must obtain the license and approved video. Executive Interviews is the only third-party partner of all of the world’s biggest business news channels that can supply both licensing and video.