Working with us

Your senior executives’ time is important. So are his, or her, on-air comments. They affect the way investors think of you. They change the way your staff think about their leaders and the company they work for. And they influence what journalists write about you.

Don’t let the TV interview disappear after it airs live. If you do, you are simply throwing away value. To use the interview, you will need the approved video and the appropriate licensing rights. Executive Interviews supplies both.

A “one-stop shop”

Executive Interviews has established, proven relationships with global broadcasters to provide licensing and digital video to the networks’ guests. We work directly with the broadcasters to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed their standards for video quality and editorial content. Executive Interviews is literally and virtually a global “one-stop shop” for all of your online video and licensing needs.

We cover the legals

Executive Interviews’ interests lie in helping companies get their television interview up on their site quickly and legally, while also ensuring that the broadcasters’ copyrighted material is protected by issuing licensed, approved video on their behalf.

Access to worldwide broadcast channels

With operations across the globe, Executive Interviews can supply you with video from virtually any broadcaster, in any time zone, worldwide. Executive Interviews are the experts in the arena of business news broadcasting, licensing, distribution, and digital media presentation.

In order to post a broadcast video to your website, Intranet, or use in an offline manner (trade show, investor conference, shareholder meeting, etc.), you must obtain both the proper licence and approved video. Executive Interviews is the only third party partner of all of the world’s most-watched business news channels that can supply both parts of the equation.