TED Talks

Inspire, delight and awe your audiences with TED Talks.

Executive Interviews is TED’s appointed licensing partner for providing these world-shifting talks to companies and professional organisations for a range of applications and uses.


Access to TED Talks with a license from Executive Interviews enables you to legally share engaging and informative talks with your stakeholders—executives, staff, clients, and more.

You might use TED Talks to:

  • communicate a big idea at a company all-hands meeting
  • spark staff conversations during lunch & learn sessions
  • provide context for topics your company cares about on your intranet site or internal communications
  • highlight your passion for innovation in your lobby or reception area

Tap into a library of over 2,400 TED Talks covering topics in business, self-improvement, design, science and more. If you need high-quality, expert video content that can provide fresh perspectives and changes attitudes, contact us about licensing TED Talks today.
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