Products and services

Executive Interviews offers a suite of video players and related services that reflect years of refining and implementing proprietary technology, listening to feedback from both broadcasters and clients, and a desire to put forth the best products possible.

Whether your online strategy dictates that you download the video file and host and stream it on your end, or you prefer to take advantage of one of our popular branded media player packages, we have the right solution to help you get your television interview posted quickly, legally, and in a way that integrates seamlessly with your website.

While we have our existing suite of players and products, we pride ourselves on being nimble enough–and having the strong technical and production teams in place–to accommodate customized requests and out-of-the-box projects.

Supporting Services

While producing and packaging licensed broadcast video makes up the bulk of Executive Interview’s business, we also offer an extended range of related services, including:

  • Review Copies – Basic, downloadable video file for archival use. Unlicensed.
  • Transcriptions – Verbatim, manually produced Transcripts of broadcast interviews for legal, compliance, research, or archive purposes.
  • Video Disclosure Statements – Add your company’s disclosure language to your video stream, making it easy to meet compliance standards.
  • DVDs/CDs – Receive a hard copy of your executive’s television interview.
  • Translation – Manually produced translations into all major languages.